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Take A Moment To Say "Thank You"

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By Pam Seiler, Executive Director of the Volunteer Center of Door County

I'm Pam Seiler, executive director of the Volunteer Center of Door County. When I mention to people I meet that Door County has over 300 non-profit agencies, they almost always have that same shocked look on their faces. "Really?" "That many?" "Here?"

I've spent a good part of this past summer working at or attending different non-profit fundraisers, concerts and events. And while their themes and venues may be different, one thing remains consistent. Door County business and citizens are incredibly generous ... always.

Time and time again at any event you attend, you'll see sponsors names in a program, raffle prizes, food and beverage donations -- you name it, local businesses and individuals have donated it. We're a small community with numerous needs and no matter what business you approach, they always seem to find a way to give. So please, take a moment to thank one of those sponsors you see or read about. These donors are more than just a name on a program or banner. They're real businesses trying to make a living in a community that they care deeply about.

So, from the Volunteer Center and the non-profit agencies we serve, a heartfelt thank you for always doing what you can to say "Yes" when we ask.

Sponsored by Volunteer Center Of Door County.

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