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Cardinal And Gold (and Green) Pride Goes Nationwide

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Did you know that by recycling just one aluminum beverage can, you save enough energy to run a television long enough to watch one entire Cyclone football game? 
Want to help save enough energy to power every TV in Ames?  ISU Athletics, Live Green!, Facilities Planning and Management; the Iowa Waste Exchange; and Engineers for a Sustainable World have teamed up to provide you the perfect opportunity!!
We need YOUR help to rally members of the Cyclone Nation in getting exCYted about reCYcling!  Iowa State University is one of over 90 colleges and universities across the nation who has formally accepted the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Game Day Challenge, October 30th 2010!
Volunteers will serve as Green Ambassadors before, during and shortly after ISU's Homecoming game and will assist in educating attendees regarding the environmental benefits of waste reduction and recycling.  Green Ambassadors will monitor and oversee recycling stations strategically placed in and around Jack Trice Stadium, direct attendees regarding where to place their refundable and non-refundable beverage containers, cardboard and chipboard and will provide logistical assistance needed in tallying up recycling totals. 
Green Ambassadors will be trained on-site before the game (TBD) and in conjunction with game time (TBD).  All needed supplies will be provided.   Bring your Cyclone pride, your environmental enthusiasm and your "Recycling Challenge" spirit.
If you are interested in leading ISU to a Game Day Challenge victory and securing a win for the environment by serving as a Green Ambassador please contact Shelly Codner (Iowa Waste Exchange), (319) 404-1942, shelly@netins.net.
For more information on the EPA's Game Day Challenge visit www.epa.gov/gameday.

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