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Sponsor: FreeStore, Inc | Location: Des Moines, IA 50309
Strong individuals needed to move furniture into apartments for women. We drive FreeStore trucks from Des Moines to Story County and provide furniture for domestic violence clients from the ACCESS shelter in Ames. We need local help to unload the truck and set up furniture in client homes. more
Sponsor: Story County Conservation | Location: Ames, IA 50010
Story County Conservation hosts youth at McFarland Park in June and July for Nature Camps. *Polliwogs (Youth starting kindergarten in Fall 2015) *Frogs (Youth completing kindergarten in Spring 2015) *Waterbugs (Youth completing grades 1 or 2 in Spring 2015) Each camp has around 15 youth, and is 5 days long and runs for a couple hours in either the morning or afternoon each day (except more



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