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The Sign Up Process :

FIRST: Enter your organization's name and press enter. If there is no duplicate listing, continue with registration. IF there is already an existing listing with that name, stop here and contact us.

  •  If there is a pre-existing account, the software will not allow you to create a duplicate - please contact us vis phone or email for access to exisiting listing for updating.

SECOND: Enter your organization's information. When you click "Sign Up!" at the end of this page, you will be asked for more detailed information about your agency.

  • Take a look at the list below to see the information that will be needed for the listing as having the information ahead of time will speed registration.

Then, START POSTING VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! Once you have completed registration, please continue to post one or more of your organization's volunteer opportunities.  These opportunities are essential for volunteers to find out about your agency's volunteer needs. At least one volunteer opportunity posting is required. Opportunities are designated either "on-going" or "date-specific." All date specific opportunities are automatically shown on our monthly volunteer calendar.

The signup process should take approximately 15 minutes provided that you have all the information listed below available:

  • Primary agency contact's up-to-date email, phone number and address
  • Password for your agency to later update their information
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Agency's Mission statement
  • Agency description of services statement
  • Coordinator's name, phone and address for each listing
  • Title of volunteer opportunity listings, volunteer job descriptions, and dates (where applicable)

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