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Sponsor: United Blood Services | Location: Billings, MT 59101
We are in need of drivers for our organization. General training is provided and individual drivers are paid $10.00 per trip for meals. Couples are paid $20.00 per trip for meals. Restock trips require the volunteers to not only deliver the blood to different locations, but they also pick up the blood and return it to the Warehouse. Restock trips are scheduled ahead of time and are recurring every m more
Sponsor: Eagle Mount Billings | Location: Billings, MT 59102 Youth Opportunities Internship Opportunities Education Health
Seeking fun-loving volunteers - young and old alike - who are willing to spend the summer providing enrichment activities for children with disabilities. Volunteers help provide the recreational activities of summer day camp for youth with all types of disabilities. Other activities include arts & crafts, games, sports, field trips, quiet play, and group projects. The Eagle Mount Billings Summer Da more



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