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  Jun 12 - Summer Camp Counselors -. . . (more)

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  Adult Literacy Tutor   Recommended Agencies
Volunteers will tutor adults one-to-one or in a classroom setting, teaching basic reading, English or. . . (more)

Cafe Joshua Volunteers   Recommended Agencies
Dear Supporters – We are seeking volunteers for Café Joshua! Our volunteers provide companionship and. . . (more)

Book Review & Story. . .   Recommended Agencies
Teacher needed to facilitate a short story class with book review. Read stories and. . . (more)

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  Recommended Agencies
  Christians Reaching Out to. . .   Recommended Agencies
The mission of C.R.O.S. Ministries is to collaborate with people of different faiths and organizations to. . . (more)

Farmworker Coordinating Council of. . .   Recommended Agencies
The Farmworker Council is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive social and human. . . (more)

Home Safe   Recommended Agencies
Home Safe, Inc. provides specialized therapeutic group care, enhanced group care, foster family licensing and. . . (more)

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  Local Statistics
  Opportunities: 95
Agencies: 95
Referrals: 28,039
Hours: 4,825
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  (May 03) Volunteer Switchboard Operator (more)
(Apr 19) Art in Public Places Internship. . . (more)
(Mar 21) Museum Volunteer (more)
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  (May 10) Meals on Wheels of the. . . (more)
(May 03) Volunteer Switchboard Operator (more)
(Apr 21) Adult Literacy Tutor (more)
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