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United Way of Palm Beach County

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  Apr 26 - Great American Clean Up/Comcast. . . (more)

Apr 26 - Great American Cleanup 2014 (more)

Apr 26 - Volunteer Tutors to help. . . (more)

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  Recommended Opportunities
  211 Youth/Teen Ambassadors &. . .   Recommended Agencies
As a Youth/Teen Ambassador you will be able to earn community service volunteer hours while. . . (more)

Brighten Someone's Day -. . .   Recommended Agencies
Volunteers provide telephone reassurance calls to homebound and frail elders. You will work as a. . . (more)

America Reads Volunteer   Recommended Agencies
Volunteers act as 'Learning Partners' who provide reading enrichment on a one-to-one basis for at-risk. . . (more)

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  Recommended Agencies
  Elder Rights Center @. . .   Recommended Agencies
Our Mission is to promote, support and advocate for the independence, dignity and well being. . . (more)

211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast   Recommended Agencies
211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast’s mission is to connect people to services 24 hours a day. . . (more)

Adopt-A-Family of the Palm. . .   Recommended Agencies
Adopt-A-Family is dedicated to restoring families in crisis to stability and self-sufficiency by providing access. . . (more)

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  Local Statistics
  Opportunities: 124
BoardMatch: 2
Agencies: 79
Referrals: 25,887
Hours: 2,456
  New Listings
  (Apr 23) Give a Hand Promotion Outreach. . . (more)
(Mar 25) Help an adult learn to. . . (more)
(Mar 25) Volunteer Tutors to help Adult. . . (more)
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  Updated Listings
  (Apr 23) Drive for Seniors Who Can't (more)
(Apr 22) Give a Hand Promotion Outreach. . . (more)
(Apr 22) Guardian ad Litem (more)
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