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United Way of Palm Beach County

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  Sep 08 - Help our Children Read! (more)

Sep 12 - Countdown2Zero Adoption Event (more)

Sep 18 - International Coastal Cleanup 2015 (more)

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Teacher needed to facilitate a short story class with book review. Read stories and. . . (more)

Life Enrichment PLUS Program   Recommended Agencies
Volunteers will assist participants and the Garden Bridge Coordinator in a new pilot program offering. . . (more)

Computer Teacher   Recommended Agencies
We need a Computer Teacher one morning a week for one to two hours. . . (more)

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  Nonprofits First, Inc.   Recommended Agencies
The mission of Nonprofits First is to promote quality and accountability in our nonprofit community. . . (more)

Palm Beach Habilitation Center,. . .   Recommended Agencies
Provide therapeutic training programs, community job placement, employment, residential, recreational and senior activity programs for. . . (more)

American Red Cross Greater. . .   Recommended Agencies
The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its congressional. . . (more)

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  Local Statistics
  Opportunities: 100
BoardMatch: 3
Agencies: 87
Referrals: 27,339
Hours: 4,821
  New Listings
  (Aug 27) Countdown2Zero Adoption Event (more)
(Aug 27) International Coastal Cleanup 2015 (more)
(Aug 05) Mentors Needed For Elementary School. . . (more)
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  (Aug 31) Help Others Serve More -. . . (more)
(Aug 31) Executive Volunteer Corps (more)
(Aug 27) Countdown2Zero Adoption Event (more)
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