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Past Community Spotlights

The changing "Spotlight" is used to reveal the diversity of community events.

We provide the history of spotlights for reference. Many of the spotlights are one-time events and may contain information that is no longer current.

Nonprofit agencies wishing to have their events added as a Community Spotlight should read this information.

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Jun, 2014 Helping Hands
May, 2014 Helping Hands
Helping Hands-Jaydon Denzine
Helping Hands-Gail Piotrowski
Apr, 2014 Helping Hands-T. Ellenbecker
Helping Hands-Daniel Christianson
Helping Hands-Kristen Kroll
Helping Hands-Leo Moua
Mar, 2014 Helping Hands-Julie Kijak
Helping Hands-Sherry Riemer
Helping Hands-Jo Plunkett
Helping Hands-Judy Pederson
Helping Hands-GS Troop 7342
Feb, 2014 Helping Hands-Connie Michlig
Helping Hands-Andrea Olson Eckrich
Helping Hands-Erin Witucki
Helping Hands-Chet Suski
Jan, 2014 Helping Hands-NTC-SGA
Helping Hands-Jennifer Porath
Helping Hands-Gary Yeast
Helping Hands-Tabitha Blaser
Dec, 2013 Helping Hands-ENHS/FCCLA
Helping Hands-Ron Zahrt
Helping Hands-Kaleb Schwerin
Helping Hands-Troop 7403
Nov, 2013 Helping Hands-Mara Hollman
Helping Hands-Dan O'Leary
Helping Hands-Pat Drewek
Helping Hands-Ann Jaroski
Oct, 2013 Helping Hands-Geri Kuehner
Helping Hands-Francis Altman
Helping Hands-Kelcie Wolf
Sep, 2013 Helping Hands-Rozlyn Rae Komosa
Helping Hands-Raymond Hartleben
Helping Hands-Jessie Stange
Helping Hands-Rachel Luedtke
Aug, 2013 Helping Hands-Sharon Jaeger
Helping Hands-Jane Zielenski
Helping Hands-Tong Chang
Helping Hands-Lee Borneman
Jul, 2013 Helping Hands-Audrey Wilde
Helping Hands-Pat Boerschinger
Helping Hands-Alisia Jones
Helping Hands-Angelina Zepeda
Jun, 2013 Helping Hands-Daeja Richardson
Helping Hands-Marlin Block
Helping Hands-Kristin Slonski
Helping Hands-Roger Kemp
May, 2013 Helping Hands-Patricia Casey
Helping Hands-Susan Kufahl
Helping Hands-Rosemary Eckardt
Helping Hands-Bettina Peters
Apr, 2013 Helping Hands-Mary Alice Smith
Helping Hands-Lynn Klothe
Helping Hands-Sharon Hanke
Helping Hands-Carla And Andy Rice
Helping Hands-JoAnn White
Mar, 2013 Helping Hands-Robert Schmit
Helping Hands-Dorothy Norton
Helping Hands-Nan And Gary Zastrow
Helping Hands-Connie Stieber
Feb, 2013 Helping Hands-Victoria Bender
Helping Hands-Mike Ausloos
Helping Hands-Bill Pogge
Helping Hands-Marty Millerleile
Jan, 2013 Helping Hands-Brandon Bernarde
Helping Hands-Sheryl Babl
Helping Hands-Kramer Stone
Helping Hands-Valerie Berkely
Helping Hands-Joshua Monyok
Dec, 2012 Helping Hands-Katie Smogoleski
Helping Hands-Xeng Lee
Helping Hands-Arlean Gruenberg
Helping Hands-Sonia Aguilar
Nov, 2012 Helping Hands-Barbara Tuman
Helping Hands-Kimberly Kaiser
Helping Hands-Pam Holton
Oct, 2012 Helping Hands-Shandra Fitzgerald
Helping Hands-Honna Hinzman
Helping Hands-Marcia Owens
Helping Hands-Tammy Obermeier
Helping Hands-Amy Thraen
Helping Hands-Samantha Holton
Sep, 2012 Helping Hands-Lois Zocher
Helping Hands-Joe Jirgl
Helping Hands-Barbara Denfield
Aug, 2012 Helping Hands-Ellie Battino
Helping Hands-Jacki Gessler
Helping Hands-Ann Brooks
Jul, 2012 Helping Hands-Jeff Barton
Helping Hands-Frances Foley
Helping Hands-Gina Loeffel
Jun, 2012 Helping Hands-Dale Millard
Helping Hands-Ashley Sala
May, 2012 Helping Hands-Tony Povilitis
Helping Hands-Aaron W. Anderson
Apr, 2012 Helping Hands-Charlotte Hoecker
Helping Hands-David Shea
Helping Hands-Mayla Reed
Mar, 2012 Helping Hands-Brenda Arndt
Feb, 2012 Helping Hands-Sandra Stemper
Jan, 2012 Helping Hands Christian Devine
Dec, 2011 Helping Hands Johnny Pries
Nov, 2011 Helping Hands Mike Blick
Oct, 2011 Helping Hands Indi Edelburg
Sep, 2011 Helping Hands Der Yang
Aug, 2011 Helping Hands Laurie Kurtzweil
May, 2011 Teen Volunteering
Apr, 2011 Wellness & Volunteer Fair
Mar, 2011 Call For Mentors
Jan, 2011 Meal Delivery Volunteers Needed
May, 2010 Head Outdoors To Volunteer
Apr, 2010 Walk For A Cause This Spring
Jan, 2010 Nominations For The 2011 WE Awards
Dec, 2009 Community Christmas Dinner, December 25, 2009
Jul, 2009 Little Bull Falls LogJam - Mosinee
Wausau Balloon Rally & Glow, July 9-12
May, 2009 WE Awards Results!
Apr, 2009 Construction & Remodeling Of The HOPE Thrift Store Building
Jan, 2009 Thanks For Volunteering! Click "Details" To Read How Gift Wrapping Has Supported Bundles Of Joy.
Badger State Winter Games, 1/24-2/8.
Sep, 2008 Make A Difference Day, Oct. 25, 2008
Jun, 2008 Log Hours: Aug 16-22 & Aug 23-29
Log Miles For Aug 16-22 & Aug 23-29.
May, 2008 GoodsMatch Donations Of The Week
Opportunities Of The Week
Jan, 2008 Project Volunteer Requests
Thank You For Volunteering!
Oct, 2007 Back To Basics Toiletry Drive October 29-November 14
Aug, 2007 WVC Fill A Backpack Fill A Need
May, 2007 Town Hall Meeting: Preventing Underage Drinking Hosted By Marathon County AOD Partnership Council
Apr, 2007 1st Annual Fun"d" Run For Education
Faith In Action Benefit Luncheon
Mar, 2007 Marathon County Literacy Council's Adult Spelling Bee



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