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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Your Service Cost Anything? 
The online database is completely free of charge for both agencies and volunteers.

What Are All These Forms?
It may look tedious, but filling out the forms really isn't so bad, and it's the comprehensive information we collect from you on these forms that makes our unique search engine possible. The Agency Signup Form allows you to describe your organization. Your mission, your structure and your history help others understand your agency and its purpose. The Opportunity Signup Form allows you to give a very specific description of a single volunteer opportunity or event at your organization. It is up to you to submit as many forms as you have distinct opportunities.

How Does Your Site Work?
Simply put, this service matches the right volunteers to the correct agency in an efficient manner for both the volunteer and the organization.  Someone is interested in volunteering. They come to our site and tell us where they are located, what social issues interest them, what skills they can apply or what time constraints they have. Our web site instantly returns them a list of the volunteer opportunities that best fit their profile. The volunteer then reads through the descriptions and picks an opportunity of interest. From there, the volunteer and the agency can connect and work together.

Can I Search for Volunteers Directly?
If you need additional assistance with your volunteer search, please call the Volunteer Connection Staff at 715-298-5722.

What Sort of Volunteers Will I Get?
A diverse population is able to access the online matching volunteer database. You will find students of every age, professionals from various fields, homemakers, retired individuals, corporate executives and employees of other nonprofits. Anyone looking to make a difference may come to this web site.

How Can I Help Volunteer Connection Grow?
There are a number of ways you can help. Mention us to your friends at other nonprofit agencies. The more nonprofits that are registered with us, the more options we have to offer volunteers and the more volunteers we can attract. Mention us to your volunteers. The more people who register information with our site, the more information we can provide to nonprofits to help improve their programs.  Working together, we can build a better community!



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