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United Way of Central Massachusetts

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  Mar 28 - Family Academy Event (more)

May 12 - Hotline Counselor Volunteer (more)

May 20 - Easter Seals Walk With. . . (more)

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National Volunteer Week 2015
Join us for National Volunteer Week to fight the increasing prevalence of hunger in our community!
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  Youth Volunteers Welcome
  Pathways For Change, Inc.   Youth Volunteers
Pathways for Change, Inc provides services to survivors of sexual assault and their family, friends. . . (more)

Worcester Housing Authority   Youth Volunteers
The mission of the Worcester Housing Authority is to offer its residents a clean, safe. . . (more)

Intensive English Language Institute   Youth Volunteers
The Intensive English Language Institute (IELI), a college based program, offers students the opportunity to. . . (more)

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  Local Statistics
  Opportunities: 86
Agencies: 86
Referrals: 7,410
Hours: 21,022
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  (Mar 26) Easter Seals Walk With Me. . . (more)
(Mar 26) Help Make a difference in. . . (more)
(Mar 26) Hotline Counselor Volunteer (more)
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  (Mar 25) Hotline Counselor Volunteer (more)
(Mar 25) Help Make a difference in. . . (more)
(Mar 25) Easter Seals Walk With Me. . . (more)
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