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United Way of Central Massachusetts

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  May 28 - Hotline Counselor Volunteer (more)

Jun 08 - Mandarin Interpreter for 5. . . (more)

Jun 09 - Installation (more)

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Day Of Caring 2015 Volunteer Registration Is Open!
Day of Caring 2015 is Thursday, September 17th! Register your volunteer team today to get involved in the largest day-long service event of its kind in the region!
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  Youth Volunteers Welcome
  NEADS (Dogs For Deaf. . .   Youth Volunteers
NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) provides independence to people who are deaf or. . . (more)

Community Harvest Project   Youth Volunteers
At Community Harvest Project, local communities come together as volunteers to grow high quality produce. . . (more)

Horizons for Homeless Children. . .   Youth Volunteers
Horizons for Homeless Children improves the lives of young children who experience homelessness and helps. . . (more)

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  Local Statistics
  Opportunities: 118
Agencies: 93
Referrals: 7,437
Hours: 21,485
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  (Apr 28) Annual Walk/Run for Homelessness (more)
(Apr 28) Assist with food delivery and. . . (more)
(Apr 28) Housekeeping (more)
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  (May 25) Volunteer Coordinator (more)
(May 25) Special Event Planner (more)
(May 25) Operations Manager (more)
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