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Ready.Set.READ! Volunteer Registration - must be 18 years or over

1. Last Name *
2. First Name *
3. Address, city, state and zip code *
4. Home phone number Ex. 123456789
5. Cell phone number Ex. 123456789
6. Work phone number Ex. 123456789
7. E-mail address
8. Contact preference *
9. Company
10. Please indicate if applicable
11. Related experience
12. Do you have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED
13. Do you speak Spanish?
14. How did you learn about Ready.Set.READ! *
15. Please check areas of interest for volunteer opportunities *
16. If tutoring, please list up to 3 school districts where you prefer to tutor.
17. Please indicate your general time availabilty Monday thru Friday
18. I understand that the data collected on this form is used to determine an appropriate volunteer placement and information not classified as public data is strictly confidential and will be used only to process the volunteer's placement. *
19. I understand that if tutoring I will be responsible for the cost of the background clearances $27
20. I declare that the statements made on this application are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. *
21. Please include your name if you do NOT want to be phtographed for Ready.Set.READ! purposes

If you have any further questions regarding this program or volunteer opportunities, please contact Darby Wiekrykas, 610-685-4574 or darbyw@uwberks.org



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