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Although Sister Nancy Springer had lived in Provo for 30 years, when she was asked to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the Humanitarian Service Room, which is located in the Provo Deseret Industries, she was surprised.

“I had no idea it was there,” Springer said.

Springer’s duties include sorting through donations and determining where they should go. Donations must be completely new and of a specific size to be eligible to be shipped to the main Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City. Donations that aren’t the correct size go to community organizations such as Kids On The Move, Juvenile Justice Services and many others. All of the items donated are put to good use wherever they go.

“Everything gets used, 100 percent,” Springer said. “We are trying to work with the community in any way we can.”

Linda Campbell is one of the members of the community who has benefited from the service that Springer offers. Campbell is the regional volunteer coordinator for the Juvenile Justice Services.

“If she knows there’s a need she tries to fill it. She tries to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is taken care of,” Campbell said. “She just cares about everyone.”

Springer is going on her third year of serving and is quite familiar with the Humanitarian Service Room now, spending much of her time serving the community there. Springer feels that strengths that she developed throughout her life have helped her become an effective volunteer.

“My background is management. I’m an organizer,” Springer said. “My training is the school of hard knocks.”

Service has always been a part of Springer life, so her current position hasn’t been a difficult transition.

“I’ve always been one who likes to give service; I’ve always been that way,” Springer said.

While service has always been a way of life for Springer, her new service calling has infected every aspect of her life. She now keeps a basket in front of her door that her neighbors can place items in that they would like to donate.  She even brings items to donate with her on trips that she makes to places as far off as St. George.

“It gets in your blood,” Springer said. “If I’m going somewhere I think ‘I bet they can use some baby blankets.’”

Assistance is welcome at the Humanitarian Service Room, and donations are always encouraged. Currently volunteers are needed to help with sewing projects at the Humanitarian Service Room and projects are available to be done at home.

Springer’s service has been a time where she has been able to help the community and see herself develop.

“I enjoy the charity part. I enjoy seeing the things going to the organizations. I enjoy knowing we’re helping in any teeny way we can,” Springer said. “You get to grow personally.”

Sponsored by Deseret Industries, Provo.

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