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An online volunteer matching application designed specifically for United Ways and Volunteer Centers
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Below you will find a list of the primary features available in Enterprise Edition. Each feature is always developed with the guidance of a local United Way or Volunteer Center. We take pride in knowing that not only is the breadth of included functionality very complete, the depth to which each individual feature is implemented is even more impressive.

It is hard to capture the depth of functionality with textual descriptions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule a personal demo.

Primary Features

Feature Description
Administrative upload of files and images Administrators can upload files and images to use for promotional materials, photos, site content, and site appearance.
Advanced Reporting Advanced Reporting provides you with extensive online tools to better quantify your impact in your community. Advanced reporting allows you to run reports online for any custom fields that you have added, shows you up-to-the second reports on your most popular agencies and opportunities, compares your volunteer interests with your available opportunities, and much more.
Automated Listing Maintenance Automated Listing Maintenance helps you keep information up-to-date for all of your agency and opportunity listings. Enterprise Edition automatically emails contacts for any listings whose information is out-of-date. This system reduces the cost of keeping your information current while ensuring that your volunteers are always looking at current content.
Board Connections Board Connections is an advanced system to help you manage available board positions in your community. Board Connections allows agencies to post board opening through the Internet and provides tools prospecitve candidates to register online, create detailed profiles about their qualifications, and to research and apply for board positions. The matching process takes place online increasing the exposure of your board positions while making it easier for community members to apply
Clickthrough tracker Clickthrough Tracker allows you to track the number of people that click on a given URL. This is a powerful tool for measuring the effectiveness of your news and email.
Custom Domain Names Custom Domain Names allow you to create your own domain name to use for your Enterprise Edition site. Thus, if your center currently uses the internet address http://www.yourcenter.com, you can easily set up volunteer solutions at http://volunteer.yourcenter.com.
Custom Questions Custom Questions provides you an online tool for customizing fields collected for your agency, opportunity, and volunteer records. The fields you add can be private (admin only) or seen by the user as well as a number of other options. Your custom fields you are tightly integrated into the online report center, including exportable CSV files. The Data Customization system used by Enterprise Edition is one of the most advanced in the world and helps you capture and report on the information you need.
Customized Email Templates Customized Email Templates allows you to setup templates to use when sending system-generated email alerts to your users. For example, you can customize the email messages your agencies and users receive when they first register, when volunteers sign up for a specific project, and much more.
Customized Home Page Enterprise Edition allows administrators to easily adapts the home page of their site to meet their local needs. With Customized Home Pages, an administrator can quickly reorder items on their home page, and even add and remove items as they see fit. This requires no technical skills, and is as easy as moving them to where you want them to appear. Combined with the site skins option, you are able to focus volunteers on the aspects of your site that matter for your community.
Data Export Data Export provides you integrated, easy-to-use tools to download data related to your agencies, volunteers, opportunities, referrals, etc. The format of the export files (CSV) can be read by most modern applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc.
Data Import Data Import provides you integrated, easy-to-use tools to import data related to your agencies, volunteers, and opportunities. The format of the import files (CSV) can be created by most modern applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc.
Data Sharing Data Sharing is an advanced feature designed to help organizations near each other work together by sharing your listings with each other. For example, with data sharing, you can create a state-wide database of volunteer opportunities by collecting data from 10 different centers. Each center maintains its own brand while providing relevant content at the state-wide level.
Detailed Change Log The online change log keeps a detailed history of all changes to the data for each of your listings, including information about who made the change. In this way, you can easily keep track of changes made by both the local agencies and your staff.
Detailed Volunteer Profiles Detailed Volunteer Profiles allow your volunteers to save unlimited volunteer profiles detailing their volunteer interests. This data is fully integrated into the Report Center helping you to understand the interests of your volunteers.
Email Letterhead Fully customize the letterhead you use when sending all emails from your site. This feature ensures that every email message you send, including all automated email messages, arrive into their recipient's inbox fully branded with the information that you configure.
Email Log The email log keeps a detailed history of email communication between you and your agencies and users.
eSurvey eSurvey allows you to design online surveys that you can send to everybody or to targeted subsets of your agency/user databases.
Expanded Geographic Coverage Expanded geographic coverage allows your opportunities to specify multiple geographic regions to match zip code searches initiated by prospective volunteers. For example, this option allows an opportunity to be made available to a specific address or to a set of cities, counties, or to a states or the entire country.
Extensive Online Reporting Online Reporting provides you with online tools to manage your agencies, opportunities, and volunteers. The online reports include an advanced report wizard to help you view many different slices of your agencies, opportunities, volunteers, and referrals, demographic reports to help you understand the backgrounds of your volunteer, and much more.
Group Registrations Allows volunteers to list family or group members who they volunteer with. Admins can set up custom questions for these groups.
Hit Tracker Hit Tracker allows you to track statistics on the frequency and timing of searches being conducted on your site by registered volunteers. Combined with exporting to Excel, this is an effective way of tracking actual usage of your site.
Hours Tracking Hours tracking helps you quantify your volunteerism by making it easy to capture the number of hours volunteered in your community. Hours tracking is designed to help volunteers, agencies, and administrators work together to keep track of the hours worked. With full integration into the online Report Center, the hours tracking feature provides you another up-to-date measurement of your community impact.
Multi-Tiered Site Administration Multi-Tiered Site Administration lets you create an online staff group with whom to share your daily administrative tasks. For example, you can designate a group of administrators for your upcoming event, a separate administrator for your agency and opportunity listings, and even assign read-only privileges to your executive team. The multi-tiered site administration feature is both easy-to-use and flexible to meet your changing needs.
Online Agency Registration Online Agency Registration and Approval provides you with a set of online forms for local organizations to register online with your organization and for your staff to approve those registrations.
Online Opportunity Registration Online Opportunity Registration and Approval provides you with an easy to use online registration process for your agencies to post an unlimited number of volunteer opportunities. Your staff will be able to approve each of these opportunities online.
Online Traffic Logs Each night, Enterprise Edition automatically generates a report based on all the traffic your site received. At any time, you can see how many people visited your site, how many pages were seen, and much more. The online traffic log reports allow you to report on traffic to your site over a time frame you specify.
Online Volunteer Registration Online Volunteer Registration allows potential volunteers to register online with your organization, providing both their contact information and a detailed profile of their interests.
PDF Reports PDF Reports allow you to save your online, dynamic reports as PDF files to easily share with others. For example, with this feature, you can easily email your colleagues a PDF displaying volunteers who recently logged their hours.
Product Connections Product Connections is an online tool to match non-financial gifts between your organizations and community members. This feature helps organizations obtain the goods they need through an efficient online matching tool
Rule Based Opportunity Import Allows you to import opportunities using a set of rules, such as keywords and the way an opportunity is categorized, to decide whether or not a given opportunity is imported into your site
Share Data Nationally Share your data nationally among other volunteer center and corporate sites, with full branding and promotion of your site
Sublicensing Sublicensing allows you to provide volunteer portals to other organization in your community. For example, if you are a Volunteer Center that works with a local corporation, sublicensing would give you the ability to create a corporate-branded employee volunteer portal.
Synchronized Copies of Listings A feature to easily create copies of your listings, keeping the information you choose automatically synchronized. This feature is extremely useful to, for example, repost volunteer opportunities or to specify in detail who should be contacted in which area.
Unlimited Custom Medallions The Custom Medallions feature allows your organization to highlight listings in an unlimited number of ways. Each medallion is an icon that you select with an associated meaning that can be used to highlight listings throughout your site. For example, you can create a "holiday" medallion to help your users quickly identify holiday related listings.
Unlimited Email Attachments Unlimited Email Attachments provide an integrated form for sending attachments to different groups of users in your system. For example, if you want to send a flyer about an upcoming volunteer fair to your registered agencies and volunteers, you can do so with a few clicks in the report center.
User Control of Site Skins Control the appearance of your site. For VS mini the administrator is allowed to update colors and fonts on their site. Other versions of Volunteer Solutions allow for full site branding to customize the appearance of the site in very powerful and flexible ways.
Volunteer Event Management Volunteer Event Management (VEM) is the perfect tool to help you efficiently organize your volunteer events. With easy to use forms for your center, your agencies, and your volunteers, you can now leverage the Internet to match volunteers with projects available in your community and for your events. This feature can be purchased separately for non-Enterprise licenses. More information at http://www.volunteersolutions.org/products/vems/.
Volunteer Events Calendar The volunteer community calendar is used to provide a calendar like interface to finding one-time opportunities. Volunteers can then browse available opportunities by month to find events on specific days in which they are interested in volunteering.



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