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Sponsor: Real Food For Kids - Montgomery | Location: Bethesda, MD 20814
Spend 10-15 hours/week from home helping RFKM interact with new and existing members, track member data in our databases, and recruit and interact with our parent representatives. Based on your interests, duties can include: -Check RFKM Google email and member e-mail and receive new member emails. Monitor new member additions to the Yahoo group and input new member data into Access database and Verti more
Sponsor: St. Peter's Episcopal Church | Location: Poolesville, MD 20837
Volunteers are needed to prepare lunch and provide a safe environment for students who choose to leave campus for lunch. We begin serving lunch at St. Peter's on September 6th from 11:10-1150,Monday Through Friday. We need volunteers each day and you can pick a particular day and volunteer either weekly bi-weekly or monthly. Typically volunteers arrive at 945 and are done by 1215 and we are flexible wi more
Sponsor: Maryland Basketball Academy | Location: Rockville, MD 20850
Maryland Basketball Academy is looking for volunteers to take pictures and videos during practices and games. We are looking to post pictures and videos on our website and facebook and use videos to reinforce what our coaches are teaching. Volunteers would need to attend practices to take pics and videos and submit them to MBA so we can edit and post. more



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