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Ganga Library Inc.
Last updated on August 31, 2017


Ganga Library’s mission is to globally meet the needs of people for obtaining ideas to solve scientific, social and planetary problems and to prevent war. The library will make every effort to procure or to create for its patrons, media pertaining to Alfred Nobel and Laureates and which they need for their education, teaching, research, social or visionary entrepreneurship, reading pleasure or to just satisfy their curiosity.

Nobel Prize Winners Achievements Online!
Ganga Library holds material regarding Nobel Prize Winners' such as Biographies, History of Discovery, Publications, Patents, Copyrights of Economists, Humor, Quotations, Honoring Nobelists, Books by and about Nobelists, Statistical Analysis of Nobel Prize, General Nobel Prize info and much more!
Ganga Library kindles a fire in you revealing to you your hidden aspirations, abilities and skills. It raises your own goals higher and helps you to achieve them by reading inspirational media regarding high achievers. You may be a scientist, student, litterateur, peace activist, other professional or the general public.

  1. Fundamentally, empowers you to comprehend the laureates' thought process that lead to the discoveries.
  2. Gives you a better understanding of the laureates' observations, inferences, designing of research projects and solving scientific problems.
  3. Provides you ideas for further research
  4. Your awareness of challenges confronted by the laureates motivates you to be more innovative
  5. Enables you to fathom the laureates' burning desire to conduct research and their passion for their daily work.
  6. Helps you to discern adversities overcome and sacrifices made by laureates.
  7. Pictures to you the joys and thrills of laureates upon making great discoveries.
  8. For your writing, media provides background information.
  9. Induces those of you in scientifically less advanced countries to take initiative. Drives you, a theoretically very knowledgeable scientist, longing to practically conduct research, to pursue locally, funding for research by the wealthy. Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett visited India to advise the wealthy to donate to charity.
  10. Equips you to learn from the extraordinary experience and improve the quality of life.


  1. Equips you to be an intellectual explorer.
  2. Imparts knowledge: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Peace.
  3. Provides media for law, history, psychology, sociology etc. projects.


Alfred Nobel's will states "prizes to … person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction." Ganga Library provides you access to such work.
D.Peace Activists

You have access to ideas and methods of other peace activists. Mahathma Gandhi has been a hero to many peace activists including five Nobel Laureates: Martin Luther King Jr., Adolfo Esquivel, Dalai Lama, Suu Kyi and Nelson Mandela.
E.Other professionals

Useful to you is our media. You may be a professional such as an Attorney, Political Scientist, Historian, Sociologist, Film maker etc.
F.General public

  1. Encourages and provides you ideas for your social and visionary entrepreneurship.
  2. Provides useful information for your advocacy group.
  3. Your network of people is enthused to use the library.

G.Value to US Government

More Americans will accept your appropriation of tax dollars for research.

Contact person: R.V. Nagaveni, Founder, (phone), (email)

Main office number: 202-340-6210


 P.O.Box 18258
Washington, DC 20036

Web Site: http://www.GangaLib.org


   Nearest Metro/Subway Stop: N/A,
  Walk distance (in minutes): N/A
  Nearest Bus Stop: N/A, N/A minute walk
Last updated on August 31, 2017

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