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Gulf Coast Volunteers Needed

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Dear Friends,
As you likely know from the news, a potentially serious storm, named Gustav, is predicted to make landfall on Monday somewhere on the Gulf Coast.  Another storm (TS Hanna) may make US landfall later next week. The American Red Cross Heartland Chapter, along with 100s of other Chapters across the country, is currently deploying people and materials to 5 states that may be affected in the near future.
Right now there are thousands of volunteers needed.  To travel to a Gulf Coast state (affected area), you would need to be TRAINED and to be willing to accept a three-week assignment.    If you are available and willing to deploy but have not yet started, much less completed, your training, I can help you get the training you need.  
If you aren't in a position to travel, but want to help, please be assured there are many opportunities here at the home chapter, especially for telephone workers.  Our Chapter in Omaha is part of a nation-wide network will be activated in September to handle calls regarding Hurricane Response.  Also, we will need additional help in the office, at the general switchboard, stuffing care packets-there are many tasks to complete.
We have added the following classes to help volunteers get the training they need.
·         Tuesday, September 2: Mass Care Overview at 5 PM,
ERV: Ready, Set Roll 6-10 PM. ERV is a blended learning class - call for info.
·         Wednesday, September 3: Volunteer orientation 4 PM,
       Operational Shelter Training 5 - 8 PM
·         Thursday, September 4: morning volunteer orientation, additional class TBD
·         Friday, September 5: Disaster Assessment 4 - 8 PM. This is a blended learning class - call for info.
·         Saturday, September 6: Shelter Operations (full class) 9AM - noon, Shelter Operations Simulation (full class) 1 - 4 PM
Thank you very much for your help. 
Tina Labellarte Price
Chief Executive Officer
American Red Cross
Heartland Chapter
2912 South 80th Avenue

Sponsored by American Red Cross Heartland Chapter.

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