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Sponsor: PRS, Inc. | Location: N/A, VA 22102 Community Volunteer Network Opportunities 50+ Opportunities Weekday Opportunities
Under the direction of the PRS CrisisLink Textline Supervisor, the Volunteer CrisisText Connect Counselor will use active listening and provide online emotional support to confidential users who are in crisis via the text or chat platforms. The Volunteer CrisisText Connect Counselor will provide one 4-hour shift per week for one year after the successful completion of training. PRIMARY DUTIES: 1. Re more
Sponsor: PRS, Inc. | Location: Arlington, VA 22204 Community Volunteer Network Opportunities 50+ Opportunities Weekday Opportunities
PRS CrisisLink is looking for empathetic, non-judgmental and caring volunteers to answer our suicide and crisis prevention hotline calls. Our volunteers are committed to saving lives and preventing tragedies. Last year, we handled over 38,000 calls and over 1,000 texts to our new crisis texting lines. Thanks to our highly trained volunteers, our crisis and suicide prevention hotlines operate 24/7 to s more



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