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Neighborhood Day 2012

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Organization:  Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST)
Project Name: Neighborhood Day 2012
Primary Contact: Graham Grosvenor, County Liaison, 1234455667, (email)
Primary Address: 2229 South Shirlington Rd.
Arlington, VA 22206
This location is handicap accessible
(See a map)

Talk about emergency preparedness during this year's Neighborhood Day. Join VEST and MRC as we 

take the information door to door to residents from the Nauck Community.

Participate in this exciting community event. Come out wearing your most

comfortable shoes and hit the streets of Nauck!

After a brief Orientation we will strategically assign groups to specific streets where you and your group members will distribute emergency preparedness material. The information will include, tips on creating emergency plans, where to access information during a disaster, ways to get involved, and have you had a flu shot this year?

After each group is done canvassing, we'll meet back at the Nauck Community Center for snacks and a quick debrief! 

No prior training is required. All volunteers are welcome to participate in this experience and learn more about emergency preparedness. Please encourage your friends and family to participate with you!



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More information about Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST)
Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST)
Last updated on February 4, 2016


Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST) volunteers assist with managing spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers by connecting them to community agencies in need during an emergency.

As a program of Arlington's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and a member of Arlington County's Citizen Corps, VEST volunteers directly support the work of Arlington's Emergency Support Function for Volunteer & Donations Management.

Train, learn, and apply your knowledge of emergency preparedness. Join VEST and learn how to help coordinate recovery efforts, share information between government and relief agencies, mobilize resources, and rehabilitate devastated communities. Gain skills through exercises, training, and/or assisting members of the community become prepared for disasters.

Contact person: Samantha Brann, Volunteer Coordinator, 703-228-0711, (email)

Main office number: 703-228-0711


 1400 N. Uhle St., Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201
This location is handicap accessible
(See a map)

Web Site:
Last updated on February 4, 2016



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