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Sponsor: Community Foundation Of Northwest Mississippi | Location: Hernando, MS 38632 Community
The only fundraising event for the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi is the Crystal Ball and the date for 2015 has been set on January 17th. It takes six months to get ready so volunteer meetings are starting. If you would like to volunteer then please email Anna Dickerson - volunteer@cfnm.org . There are lots of opportunities to help! more
Sponsor: Your New Nonprofit | Location: Hernando, MS 38632 Senior Citizen Food Assistance
Help us feed the elderly and disabled in our neighborhood. To volunteer please call Susie Green - brendalsmith@hotmail.com more
Our organization is experiencing rapid growth, growing from a single person in March, 2012, to a current Board of four with almost 400 volunteers in our database. In this time period we have successfully rescued over 300 cats and dogs and are currently initiating a TNR (Trap-Spay/Neuter-Return) program for local feral cats. Other special projects include sponsoring a Pit Bull initiative to include free more
NEW OPPORTUNITIES: New programs now forming! If you would like to join a committee on any of the following programs, please contact us! (1) Building and maintaining a local Animal Sanctuary (a) Walking and socializing dogs & cats (b) Cleaning dog & cat pens and runs (c) Bathing dogs (d) Training and exercising dogs (2) Working with our volunteer TNR (Trap Spay/Neuter Return) program for h more



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