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Sponsor: American Red Cross Of Montana | Location: Billings, MT 59101
Help make a difference in the lives of our military members and their families! Support Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) emergency communications, and serve as the local Red Cross voice to families by providing follow-up military family case management services. Follow-up will include: - Ensuring families understand our emergency communications process. - Ascertaining whether there are additional e more
Sponsor: American Red Cross Of Montana | Location: Billings, MT 59102 Youth Opportunities Internship Opportunities Disaster Volunteers Needed
Change someone’s life! Join our Disaster Action Team and help respond to small and large-scale disasters. Help families recover by giving them access to food, clothing, shelter provided by the American Red Cross. You can give them hope! Volunteers are on call one week per month to respond to local house fires, open shelters for evacuees, feed emergency response teams, etc. A monthly schedule is pro more



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