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Sponsor: Wise Wonders Children's Museum | Location: Billings, MT 59101 Education Health
Play Support volunteers will assist staff during operating hours. Support is needed primarily for the rotating science experiments and art projects. Whether you are helping a child make elephant toothpaste, leading a group in a science experiment, or painting a cloud, play support volunteers are here to be a big kid. more
Sponsor: Wise Wonders Children's Museum | Location: Billings, MT 59101 Education Health
Volunteers will facilitate activities that build off of STEAM educational exhibits and programs. Workshop leads are expected to be knowledgeable on the content they are teaching and have general knowledge of Wise Wonders. Volunteers must be able to engage and interact with school groups. children, and families. Must be adaptable in adjusting material to fit demographic of participants. Examples of poss more
Sponsor: Youth Volunteer Corps Of Yellowstone County | Location: Billings, MT 59102 Education Youth Opportunities
Youth Volunteer Corps members! It’s time for the annual Youth Volunteer Corps fundraiser at Pizza Ranch! Help support YVC programs and activities by volunteering at Pizza Ranch (2505 King Avenue West) on Wednesday, June 29. For more information please contact Chris at 272-8511 or at cmackey@uwyellowstone.org. more



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