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Sponsor: RSVP Yellowstone County | Location: Billings, MT 59102
Are you looking for a fun environment and a way to serve others? The Adult Resource Alliance is seeking volunteers are needed to help wash dishes in multiple locations in Yellowstone County Monday through Friday, 2-3 days per week, in support of our senior lunch programs. Tasks include washing all dishes using our automatic dishwasher, working with a helper to put away clean dishes, and clearing lu more
Sponsor: The Center For Children And Families | Location: Billings, MT 59101 Education Health
Celebrating Families!™ is a national, evidence-based program for families in which one or both parents are recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. The program works with every member of the family, from ages three through adult, to strengthen recovery, break the cycle of addiction, and increase successful family reunification. Celebrating Families!™ fosters development of safe, healthy, fulfil more
Sponsor: The Center For Children And Families | Location: Billings, MT 59101 Health Youth Opportunities
Provide a safe and supportive environment for infants and toddlers and facilitate developmentally appropriate activities to keep them occupied while their families participate in the Celebrating Families program. By creating structure and stability, you can enhance the lives of our youngest family members while their parents practice the skills necessary to keep their families strong. more



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