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 About Us

What is Volunteer Connection?
       Volunteer Connection is a program of the United Way of Marathon County which helps connect
       volunteers and organizations with opportunities to serve.  Our signature projects include Global Youth
       Service Day (April), Ready to Respond Disaster Team (Volunteer Reception Center Training), Make A
       Difference Day Community Rake-A-Thon (4th Saturday in October) and Bundles of Joy Gift Wrapping
       (Black Friday-Christmas Eve).
Who are we?
     Volunteer Connection staff:                                                   



Shelly Kaiser, Director                                              Program Assistant (Vacant)
715-298-5723                                                           715-298-5722                                                                                   
Where are you located and how can we contact you? 
We are located south of (behind)  Applebees in the Sprint Building.  The Hallman Lindsay paint store is located in front of our office location.  We do not street frontage; find us just around the south end of the Sprint Building.  We may be reached by phone, e-mail, or through the Internet.
United Way of Marathon County
705 S. 24th Avenue, Ste. 400B
Wausau, WI 54401
Phone: 715-848-2927
Fax: 715-848-2929
 What services does Volunteer Connection provide?
Online Volunteer Matching Database:  Our online database allows nonprofit agencies to register online and post their volunteer opportunities so that they can efficiently find the right volunteers for their organization.  Listings will display areas of interest, skills, schedules and point of contacts.  Potential volunteers can browse hundreds of opportunities representing multiple nonprofits and use an advanced search feature to target their search.
GoodsMatch:   An on-line bulletin board service which allows community members to search requests for donation needs posted by local organizations or to publicly post items to donate.  Items can include clothing, office products, vehicles, personal care items and more.
BoardsMatch:   Organizations can recruit volunteers that share a passion for their organization's mission to serve as board members.  Potential volunteers can respond to a variety of leadership positions available.
Disaster Skills Bank:  Post training opportunities available before a disaster strikes and disaster projects available for volunteers after a disaster.  Volunteers interested in responding after a disaster can register their areas of interests in the Disaster Skills Bank to be among the first volunteers to be considered after a disaster.



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