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Agency - Inland Northwest Blood Center

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Inland Northwest Blood Center
Last updated on July 2, 2013


Inland Northwest Blood Center saves lives by providing blood and services to support transfusion and transplantation medicine in the Inland Northwest.

Volunteer assistance is vital to our daily needs. Help at mobile blood drives and collection centers by watching for reactions, serving refreshments and scheduling donor appointments.

INBC is accepting applications for volunteers at the following locations:

•Spokane, WA – Regional Headquarters, INBC
•Coeur d'Alene, ID – North Idaho Site, INBC
•Moses Lake, WA – Columbia Basin Site, INBC
•Lewiston, ID – LC Valley Site, INBC
Spokane Valley, WA- Valley Hospital
Moscow, ID- Gritman Medical Center
Pullman, WA- Pullman Regional Hospital

For over 60 years, INBC has been the Inland Northwest's only independent, not-for-profit blood provider. What started out as a small community blood bank has since evolved into a full service center providing blood and related services to a region consisting of nearly one million residents!

Contact person: Tricia Cheevers, Volunteer Coordinator, (phone), (email)

Office fax number: (509) 232-4523


 12606 E. Mission Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
This location is handicap accessible
(See a map)

Web Site:
Last updated on July 2, 2013

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