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What Kind of Volunteer are You? Take the Volunteer Personality Quiz and Find Out!

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With so many worthy causes out there, choosing the right volunteer opportunity can be overwhelming. This short Volunteer Personality Quiz will help you identify the kind of volunteer activity that best suits you. When you have finished the quiz, add up your answers and use the score sheet at the bottom of this page to reveal your volunteer style.

1.       In a working situation, which would you most likely do?
a.       Work outdoors or with animals
b.      Teach and mentor others
c.       Work as a team, or collaborate with others
d.      Work by yourself with numbers and data
2.       Which word best describes you?
a.       Active
b.      Enthusiastic
c.       Creative
d.      Organized
3.       If you could meet one of these people who would it be?
a.       Marshawn Lynch
b.      Nelson Mandela
c.       Lady Gaga
d.      Mark Zuckerberg
4.       If you had a million dollars to give to charity, which of these local organizations would you donate to?
a.       Outdoors for All – outdoor recreation for children and adults with disabilities
b.      YouthCare – services for homeless youth
c.       The Vera Project – engaging youth in music and arts
d.      TAF – technology education for low-income students
5.       What is your favorite class of the day?
a.       P.E.
b.      Contemporary World Problems/Social Studies
c.       Ceramics
d.      Math
6.       When faced with a problem, what is the first thing you usually do?
a.       Come up with a strategy to solve the problem
b.      Gather information to try and find out what caused the problem
c.       Visualize the problem, and how you may be able to solve it
d.      Figure out the details of the problem
7.       How do you like to spend your summer vacation?
a.       Camping
b.      Spending time with friends and relatives
c.       Taking and editing photos
d.      Working at a summer job
8.       During Spring Break, would you rather
a.       Take a trip to Costa Rica
b.      Volunteer to build homes with Habitat for Humanity
c.       Go to the library, or go see a play
d.      Do your homework
9.       Which item would you rather receive as a gift for your birthday?
a.       Sports equipment
b.      Donations to your favorite charity, made in your name
c.       Music and movies
d.      Video Games
10.   What is your favorite type of store to kill time in?
a.       REI or Big 5
b.      Barnes and Noble
c.       Arts and Crafts stores
d.      Electronics store, like Best Buy
11.   After graduating college you are offered four different jobs. Which one would you choose?
a.       Professional athlete
b.      Grants Manager for Gates Foundation
c.       Photographer for Time Magazine
d.      Executive position at Microsoft


    Scoring your quiz

If you answered... Your volunteer style is... You might enjoy...
     mostly A's         Active/Hands-on

Coaching, Environmental Restoration, Community Gardening, Building/construction. Search for opportunities

     mostly B's          Social Helper Tutoring, Childcare, Assisting Seniors, Helping at a Food Bank. Search for opportunities
     mostly C's         Artistic/Creative Arts & Crafts, Painting, Web Design, Event Photography, Story Telling. Search for opportunities
     mostly D's  Technical/Administrative Computers & IT, data entry, editing, office work. Search for opportunities


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