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Hands-on Volunteering

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Whether you are a student, working, retired, or anything in between, Hands-On Volunteering gives you the opportunity to get involved while meeting your busy schedule and individual interests.
What is Hands-On Volunteering?
Getting involved in the community can be difficult when you are busy studying, working, taking care of the kids, or just going about your daily routine. But what if there was a way to volunteer around your schedule? Hands-On Volunteering gives you that opportunity!
Hands-On Volunteering gives you the ability to access one-time volunteering projects through our calendar. The volunteer projects on this calendar give you a chance to meet other volunteers with similar interests, and allow you to get to know agencies and organizations in the Greater Worcester community.
Past projects on our calendar include arts and crafts with children at shelters, neighborhood clean ups, help sorting clothing and other donated items, and much more!
Why Hands-On Volunteering?
The question you should really be asking is "Why NOT Hands-On Volunteering??"
Whether you are doing it to build your resume, give back to a specific cause, or as a way to socialize, you have nothing to lose by choosing Hands-On Volunteering.
The Volunteer Center at United Way of Central Massachusetts wants to ensure that you have the best possible volunteering experience. Getting involved with Hands-On Volunteering means that you will meet people with similar interests to you, and you will be able to take the pressure off of volunteering!
No commitments necessary- just register for a project and have fun!
How To Get Started:
3 Easy Steps:
1.       Fill out and Interest Form
2.       Wait for a staff member to contact you through email or phone.
3.       Participate in a short orientation, either on the phone or in person. These help us to help YOU have a good volunteering experience.
After the orientation, you can view the calendar of events, and register for as many or as few projects that you want to participate in! Sign up individually or with a group!
**Get Involved with Hands-On Volunteering by filling out an interest form!**

Sponsored by United Way of Central Massachusetts.

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