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Regional Environmental Council - MA - Central Massachusetts Youth Volunteers

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Regional Environmental Council - MA - Central Massachusetts
Last updated on August 18, 2015


REC is a grassroots, non-profit organization located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Founded in 1971, REC has been dedicated to building strong, just, healthy communities and improving the quality of life in Worcester for 32 years. We accomplish our mission by:

Coordinating programs that bring community members together while addressing urban environmental problems.
Empowering neighborhood residents to take on environmental leadership roles in their communities.
Providing events and forums for environmental education and networking to Worcester residents.
Advocating at the local and state levels for environmentally and socially sound decisions regarding issues such as open space, solid waste disposal, waterways, air polution and clean energy.

Since 1971 the Regional Environmental Council (REC) has been working to make central Massachusetts a cleaner and more liveable place. Through local citizens like you, REC has built public awareness and promoted good choices concerning the environment. Most of our efforts focus on Worcester, because we feel that the entire region benefits from having a healthy, sustainable urban center.

Contact person: Terra Oliveira, (508) 799-9139, (email)

Office fax number: (508) 799-9147


 9 Castle Street #3
Worcester, MA 01610
(See a map)

Web Site:


 Castle street is in the Main South area of Worcester

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Last updated on August 18, 2015

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