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Opportunities with CADIP International Volunteer Projects

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Location: Ecuador, TX 00000
Located in Colonial Quito, this project benefits low income children who work in the streets, and children and adolescents whose parents can not give them sufficient care and attention in their homes. The project helps children by providing a safe place for them to do their homework, watch TV, play table soccer, and to have lunch. Children and adolescents at risk are assisted by the staff of the progra more
Location: Iceland, TX 00000
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live environmentally friendly? Or what “environmentally friendly” actually means? Well, wonder no more. You will not only get a dose of knowledge about the world around us and the state of the environment at the moment, but also a chance to try out those “green solutions” that we all keep hearing about. We will start with the state of the environment in general more
Location: Peru, TX 00000
This project will be carried out in support of a social home for girls in the town of Lurin, Lima province. It is a home to 45 girls between 2 and 15 years of age who have been victims of sexual and physical abuse. The project aims to strengthen and promote the comprehensive development of children and adolescents at risk, conducting educational workshops and recreational activities to help them overco more
Location: Morocco, TX 00000
The participants in this project will learn about the Moroccan artisan techniques of making pottery. They will get knowledge about how to make pottery articles, from working and preparing the earth to decorating the articles. This activity doesn't require individual skills but it demands your motivation to overcome the difficulties. All the materials needed for this activity will be provided. One of t more
Location: Botswana, TX 00000
Khama Rhino Sanctuary is located around 25 km north of Serowe and 320 km North West from Gaborone, the capital city of the Republic of Botswana. It is defined by Kalahari Desert sands and quite a range of vegetation. Khama Rhino Sanctuary is a conservation park for the endangered animals, mainly white and black rhinos. It also hosts a wide range of animals including kudus, impalas, gemsboks, giraffes, more
Location: Vietnam, TX 00000
Bring smiles to children in the National Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi The National Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi specializes in the treatment of children who are suffering from serious and deadly diseases such as cancer. They come from many parts of Vietnam and most of them are poor. Children have to spend a long time in the hospital and they often feel bored. An international team of volunteers will or more
Location: Vancouver, BC, WA 00000
The project supports the largest care facility for elderly people in the West End of Vancouver. The Centre provides independent housing, assisted living and complex care for elders. It supports the Eden philosophy and is committed to creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals, children and youth. The Centre aims at establishing a homelike envir more
Location: Nepal, TX 00000
Bhorle village of Chitwan district is about 130 km south west from Kathmandu in the Central region of Nepal. Bhorle is a popular destination for international volunteers. We have been working there since 1995 and hundreds of volunteers have already joined the international workcamps in Bholre. A major attraction of Bholre is its rich Gurung culture, the friendly behavior of local people to volunteers a more
Location: Vietnam, TX 00000
Volunteers will work in a free primary school for children whose families have no opportunity to send them to public schools. At the moment, there are more than 120 children aged 6 to 16 joining 6 classes. These children come from many different districts of Ho Chi Minh City, some of them even take almost 2 hours to get to the school. After class, many children have to help their parents earn money by more
Location: Bulgaria, TX 00000
Charity projects of CADIP will try to make a difference in the hard life of the kids in an orphanage in Bulgaria during their summer break. The socially disadvantaged background of most of the children is considered to be the reason for many problems, which they face in school, in their contacts with other people, in their everyday life. That's why the interaction with other young people from differen more
Location: Ecuador, TX 00000
This program is based in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Its main objective is to protect the wildlife of the region. The volunteers will support the work of a Rescue Center and will help providing the best care and living conditions to rescued animals who lived in captivation and semi captivation until their re-introduction to their original habitat. The animals that come to this Rescue Centre are often confis more
Location: Peru, TX 00000
The volunteers will support the community of Palca in various youth development projects, health, non-formal education, income generation, art and cultural activities, sport and recreation. They will work with local children, youth, seniors and/or people with disabilities. The volunteers will participate in various activities, according to their skills, experiences and interests: - They will join y more



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