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Agency - RISE Yoga For Youth Board Match San Francisco 2016

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RISE Yoga For Youth
Last updated on January 6, 2016


RISE Yoga for Youth brings yoga and wellness education to under-served youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.

RISE empowers adolescents to be agents of positive change in the world. Through the physical practice of yoga, wellness education, and community building, students develop inner resources to respond to life’s challenges in constructive ways. Our innovative curriculum has proven to increase attendance and retention rates, improve academic achievement, and help students manage stress. The curriculum incorporates physical exercise, breath work, and activities that foster social and emotional learning. Stress management techniques and mindfulness exercises are an integral part of each class, so students can lead healthier, happier, resilient lives.

Here’s what students say about the program:

“Yoga is a physical health class that also helps you deal with your mind and helps you open up to yourself.”

“It helps you focus on yourself, going within and learning how you think about situations more.”

“I used to be an angry person, but yoga made me a better person.”

“Now I stay cool, I can focus on work. Yoga improved my grades.”

“Yoga put me in a position to take all the negative energy and turn it into something positive.”

“I love what yoga has done for me in one semester. If we gave it to kids in 9th to 12th grade, think what a difference it would make.”

“Everybody in the world takes yoga? That’s world peace right there.”


In a post-intervention survey of the Mission High School students who participated in the San Francisco pilot program in Spring of 2012:

➢ 97% say they now have effective tools to handle stress
➢ 84% say they know how to use the breath to calm themselves down when angry or upset
➢ 84% say they have improved their diets
➢ 75% say they sleep better at night
➢ 82% say they feel happier
➢ 84% say they feel calmer and less anxious
➢ 82% say their relationships with friends and family have improved by practicing non-violent conflict resolution methods
➢ 76% say they feel more energized
➢ 68% say it is easier to focus in their academic classes

Staff Testimonials
“The experience our students are receiving at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute has been nothing short of an amazing one. Our students have had the opportunity to stretch, exercise and relax in the most transforming and safe environment. From both a mental and physical aspect the students have prospered and embraced this new challenge and calmness that many have never experienced before. Their smiles and new-found demeanor tell the complete story.” ~PE teacher

“I see a change in EVERY student who attends the yoga class. For some it improves their sense of self and their confidence balloons, for others it boosts their mood, still others gain a new level of control over their behavior and response to stressors. Many students gain peace-building skills and become much more adept at handling conflict in a nonviolent, productive manner. Most students open up in positive ways and demonstrate greater levels of compassion. All students gain focus and listening skills. As a yoga program team teacher and a traditional classroom teacher, it is abundantly clear to me that these impacts carry over from the yoga studio into the regular classroom.” ~Classroom teacher

The RISE program and curricula began in New York City as the “Yoga at School program” in 2002, following the 9/11 tragedy and reports of high levels of stress, fear and anxiety among New York City schoolchildren. The program has taught low-cost yoga classes to more than 500 students at schools throughout New York City. Yoga at School has worked with James Baldwin High School, an alternative school that serves high-risk youth, since 2005.

Erin Lila Wilson, one of the program’s main instructors, moved to San Francisco in January 2012 to launch the program on the west coast in partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District and Mission High School. The program is currently in nine school sites in the San Francisco and the South Bay. RISE offers yoga and wellness classes in Middle and High Schools in the Bay Area.

Contact people:
 Lila Wilson, Executive Director, (phone), (email)
Marie Goodell, Board Member, (email)
Jyothi Schick, Board Member, (email)

Main office number: 4152314428

 642 Alvarado St. #206
San Francisco, CA 94114
(See a map)

Web Site: http://www.riseyogaforyouth.org

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Last updated on January 6, 2016

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