Guidelines for Donating Items or Services

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This software is designed to connect those who want to donate products or services with the people or organizations that are prepared to receive them.  All postings are subject to the approval of United Way of the Midlands staff.  A listing of agency needs is available for viewing by all individuals visiting the site.  However, a listing of products and services donated by individuals is only available for viewing by staff of local non-profit or governmental agencies who will then work with individuals to meet their specific needs.  Because the donation of material goods could be a burden to store and/or distribute (especially in a disaster zone), it is highly recommended that you should use this service to post any items you wish to donate, and an agency that has need of the item will contact you directly to arrange delivery.

Individuals posting information for product/service donations should return to this site and disable the listing of the item as soon as the product/service has been matched to an agency, or if the item is no longer available. 

Questions? Contact Andrew Kammerer,United Way Volunteer Resource Center at or (402) 522-7912.

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