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Organization - Ministries Of Aides International Inc

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Ministries Of Aides International Inc
Last updated on April 30, 2015

*Being poor is not being inferior*

*Every one needs love and understanding to grow*

The mission of Ministries of Aides International is to provide education, food, health care, clothing and other necessities to unfortunate children who lack these essentials due to famine, poverty or natural disaster, and to equip them to become functional citizens in the land where they live.

Ministries of Aides International Inc. (MAII) was founded in 1981 by Reverend Lucien Duperier. An ordained minister, growing up in the community of Port-Margot, the young Lucien at the tender age of six was burdened with the desire to change the way of life in Port-Margot. In the course of his teenage years, Lucien and his brother Reverend Gabriel Duperier managed to rescue children from the streets to bring them to their mother who would take care of them. This went on for a good number of years until they finally decided to officially start the Ministries of Aides for the unfortunate children of the community. With the help of a few good hearted fellow Christians and donation from the church Reverend Lucien pastured, the ministry has been up and running to this day. Now MAII is responsible for over 5,000 children in the northern part of Haiti and is growing stronger and stronger.

Pastor Lucien understands that EDUCATION is pivotal to change as it spurs the mind towards higher thinking and realization. It is within this framework of ideas that he opened the very first school in Port-Margot under the umbrella of the church with an effective of 316 children.

In 1984 Pastor Lucien, with the help of the communities and some philanthropists, opened two (2) other schools, one in Bas-Limbe one in Beaulieu. He also realized that for a real balance in the communities he must do something for the adults, so he inaugurated a vocational program in all the schools. Later he opened, as needed two (2) more schools, one in Novion, one in Chouchoube Pastor Lucien assembled a good team to help him accomplished his calling.
As Pastor Lucien is traveling around soliciting help to accommodate the schools, the team is working to ensure that the dream is real in the communities


For Years now the Ministries of Aides International Inc.Has been a landmark of compassion outreach in livesof underserved Haitian Children and their Families.We may not be able to save the world from unger by tomorrow but our satisfaction lies in that each of us with just one get kindness ,can Make poverty an object of yesterday in the live of a child.

The Ministrties of Aides International Inc.(MAII)FOUNDED 1984 BY reverend Lucien Duperier, is a non -profit Organization Affiliated with Grace Tabernacle Church of GOD providing HOPE for the needy's.
The Ministries of Aides International Is a Charitable Humanitarian, nonprofit Organization Relief Under title 501(c)(3)With Headquarters in 311 broadway suite -c Chelsea, Massachusetts.
Your contributions to the Ministry is a tax deductible.
The Ministries is provide Schools and Tutoring Material to the Haitian Kids, Children,Provide Vacational classic, Establish Churches and Parish for the spiritual, Establish Orphanages for the street Kids,and Kids without parents,provide food and Scholar Material to the needes Kids in Haiti

Contact people:
 Wladimir Lahens, Supervisor, (phone), (email)
Milendoph Duperier, Assistant Supervisor, (phone), (email)

Office fax number: (617) 395-4352

 267 Broadway
chelsea, MA 02150
(See a map)

Web Site:
Last updated on April 30, 2015

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