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About Volunteer Solutions

Volunteer Solutions is a Volunteer Matching Application that helps Volunteer Centers connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their community. Volunteer Solutions helps volunteers, nonprofit agencies, corporations, event organizers, and Volunteer Centers get connected. Read on to learn how Volunteer Solutions helps each one of these groups and how to get yourself or your organization involved with Volunteer Solutions today.
  1. Individual Volunteers: Are you an individual who is interested in volunteering in your community. You can search for opportunities based on your interests, skills, and geographic location or simply by entering a keyword. You can also register on Volunteer Solutions to receive automatic emails that list volunteer opportunities that match your specific profile.

  2. Nonprofit Agencies: Are you a member of a nonprofit organization that would like some free help in recruiting the perfect volunteer? Our site makes you part of an interactive, online network of potential volunteers.

  3. Corporations: Are you a corporation that would like to promote the importance of getting involved in your community? Link your local Volunteer Solutions page to your corporate intranet. You get the benefit of promoting quality volunteer opportunities without all of the work of trying to keep up with an ever changing database.

  4. Event Organizers: Are you thinking of organizing a volunteer event? Volunteer Event Management (VEM) is the perfect tool to help you efficiently organize your volunteer events.

  5. Volunteer Centers: Are you a member of an umbrella organization that supports multiple nonprofit agencies and their respective volunteer opportunities? Volunteer Solutions can help you achieve your mission more effectively with the Internet. Examples include local United Way chapters and Independent Volunteer Centers.

Individual Volunteers

Volunteer Solutions hosts the richest database of service opportunities on line. As an individual volunteer, you can:

Why Use Volunteer Solutions?: We even include directions to the opportunity when appropriate.

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Nonprofit Agencies

Volunteer Solutions gives your organization free, targeted web based volunteer recruitment. With Volunteer Solutions help your organization can:

*   Register your organization for free


Volunteer Solutions connects employees with volunteer opportunities tailored to their interests, time commitments, skills, and areas in which they live while tracking volunteer hours. It also allows employees to share online feedback about their experiences. Link your corporate Internet/intranet site to a local version of Volunteer Solutions or to a national database of opportunities.

*   Learn more about Workplace Volunteer Systems

Event Organizers

Volunteer Event Management is an event management solution designed specifically for volunteer events. It is the perfect tool to help you efficiently organize your volunteer events. With easy to use forms for your center, your agencies, and your volunteers, you can now leverage the Internet to match volunteers with projects available in your community and for your events.

*   Learn more about Volunteer Event Management

Volunteer Centers

Volunteer Solutions forms partnerships with Volunteer Centers internal and external to United Ways. Volunteer Solutions turns your off-line database of opportunities into a dynamic web presence.

Volunteer Solutions can help decrease the time staff spends maintaining agency and opportunity listings and more time increasing the impact that is made through volunteering.

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