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Sponsor: ILivehere | Location: Scott County, IA 52807 Green Opportunities Group Opportunities Teen Friendly Opportunities Family Friendly Opportunities
iLivehere provides free cleanup supplies such as trash bags, gloves, safety vests and litter tongs to families or groups able to cleanup litter. Order supplies online at www.ilivehereqc.org or by calling 563-468-4218. more
Sponsor: Aging Services, Inc. | Location: Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Volunteers who are adept at using personal computers, Facebook, the internet, Ipads, email or wordprocessing are needed to assist senior learners while they follow the instruction provided by our instructor. The assistant answers questions, provides additional directions, and reassures learners while they take part in these computer workshops. more
Sponsor: Aging Services, Inc. | Location: Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
Milestones is looking for volunteers to share their time and talents with area seniors and the disabled. Volunteer opportunities include playing cards, Bingo or board games, helping clients create an art/craft project, gardening, baking, leading physical exercise programs and more. One volunteer said, "I find myself smiling whenever I drive to the center, because I know I will have so much fun with th more
Sponsor: Aging Services, Inc. | Location: Marion, IA 52302
You will assist the activity director in setting up and assisting clients in playing games and activities. This is fun for both the clients and the volunteers. You get to put smiles on faces and assist clients in activities that both entertain and help clients maintain their physical and mental abilities. One volunteer assistant said, "This wasn't work; I got to play every day with the clients and g more
Sponsor: Aging Services, Inc. | Location: Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Once or twice a month, 'Laurel' needs a ride to the doctor and the grocery store. Do you drive? Her daughter would love to take her, but she lives an hour away and can only visit on the weekends. 'Laurel' and people like her need someone like you, willing to give a couple of hours a week (or more) to the Aging Services Transportation Program, to make sure they can manage their health and basic needs more
Sponsor: Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center | Location: Davenport, IA 52807 Health & Wellness Civic & Community
Our Canteen volunteers enjoy visiting with donors and thanking them for their donation. The Canteen volunteer's job is important as they keep an eye on donors, post donation, to be sure they have refreshment and are feeling well after they donate a unit of blood. Various shift days and times are available. more
Sponsor: Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center | Location: Davenport, IA 52807
Do you like to drive? We have a 'job' for you! Deliver blood products for Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center to local hospitals or area hospitals to help patients in need. Help Save a Life! Days and times vary. Job is flexible for someone not wanting a regular route. more
Sponsor: Marion Cares | Location: Marion, IA 52302
Kids with difficult home lives find creative expression relaxing and challenging. Marion Cares offers a time for kids to explore different art mediums. Low adult to child ratio enables for unique creations and positive feedback. Sitting next to a second grader who "gets it" with space, design, and line will give any volunteer a smile. Marion Cares needs you to be with students, not teach art. more
Sponsor: Marion Cares | Location: Marion, IA 52302
Students "drop in" after school to the apartments rented by Marion Cares. They work on homework and school skills (math, sight words, spelling, reading) and get a snack. We need High School Youth and Adults to connect with them. The volunteer time is Tuesdays or Thursdays, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Sign up for once a month, twice a month - when you are available! more



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