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Hurricane Relief Effort

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We will deploy volunteers, no earlier than September 5, 2005, to fill the following volunteer roles at one or more of the intake sites where evacuees will be arriving (volunteers will be placed on call once application is received/approved):

  • General Intake Center Volunteers
  • Tour Guides/Escorts/Service Station Assistants

Volunteers will be responsible for becoming familiar with the intake facility to which you have been assigned, and you will need to be readily available to assist evacuees in locating any and all areas accessible to them at the facility. Volunteers may need to be on their feet the entire time of service. Bus Escorts ride on buses to accompany evacuees during transport.

  • Wheel Chair Assistants/People Mover

Volunteers will be responsible for assisting wheelchair-bound individuals reach all areas as needed. Duties will be to push wheelchairs and help individuals out of chairs in situations where medical assistance is not required. Volunteer will also be responsible for monitoring the health of the assigned individual while in their care to determine their need for additional medical assistance. Ambulatory persons may still need general assistance if frail.

  • Intake and or Data Entry

Volunteers will be responsible for either manual form entry for evacuees at intake. Volunteers also may be asked to perform data entry for Office of Emergency Management/United Way Volunteer database.

  • Children, Youth and Infant Volunteer Assistants

The volunteer in this role will assist Children and Youth Services to provide support in managing the children, youth and infant stations. Jobs identified in this sensitive area will be very general and limited to work that does not require a background check for the volunteer to help.

Please keep in mind, all volunteer roles will require you to work closely with evacuees, most of whom have already been through tremendous trauma. It is PARAMOUNT that each volunteer exercise the highest level of patience, kindness and flexibility with each individual with whom contact is made. A 15 minute orientation is required before deployment.

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