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What is Serve?

Serve is the smart alternative to food shopping.  It is a program designed to promote volunteer service by offering discounts on the highest quality grocery, meat and produce items to community-minded individuals willing to volunteer 2 hours per month!  Simply complete a Registration & Community volunteer slip. Pay & place your order by the 9th of the month &

Pick up your order on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Cookie Jar Café.


What would volunteering mean?

Some examples are baking cookies for an elder, helping out with the PTO, giving a friend a ride, helping out at your church, hospital or senior center. 


Who can participate?

Anyone!  There are no eligibility requirements.  This program is open to all income levels, ages and races.  If you are willing to give 2 hours per month than you are eligible for this great program. There are Children’s & Teen’s incentives, such as “camperships” or earning money for books for college.


What is the food like?

The food is all the finest quality from top grocery store brands and SERVE currently offers 4 food packages which varies each month.  The following is an example:


Family Meal $20                     Produce $12                            Meat Only $11

4 Chicken Breasts                     Frozen Strawberries                  4 Chicken Breasts

1 pound bag of meatballs            DelMonte Jarred Fruit               1 pound bag of meatballs

26 oz. chicken pot pie                Raisins                                      26 oz Chicken Pot Pie

4 boneless pork chops                Dried Apricots                          4 boneless pork Cutlets

Potatoes                                   Apples                                      (or Kielbasa, Hamburg, fish

Onions                                      Oranges                                    fillets, ham steaks, chicken

Carrots                                     Pears                                        kabobs, etc.)

Bananas                                   Potatoes

Apples                                      Bananas

Nectarines                                Carrots

Plums                                       Onions

Canned Tomatoes                     Frozen Mixed Veggies

Imported Penne Pasta               Frozen Broccoli




For more information on signing up or to have your questions answered you can contact the SERVE~ARC Coordinator Kathy Black by phone: 978-343-6662 extension 115 or via email: Please let us know if you have volunteer opportunities in your community or church or school!



Or Click Here for the Flyer!                                                                          

Sponsored by The Arc Of Opportunity In North Central Massachusetts.

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