United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

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Opportunities with Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

Location: Boston, MA 02115 Education UWMB/MV affiliate agency
Be a Big Sister in a local elementary school! Our School-Based Mentoring program creates a unique one-to-one mentoring relationship between a Big and Little Sister during the school day. Big and Little Sisters meet for 45-60 minutes during the Little Sister's lunch time or after-school program. "Matches" do everything from read, color, play basketball,whatever they may be interested in together! You m more
Location: Boston, MA 02115 UWMB/MV affiliate agency
It's not about being perfect. It's about being present. Community-Based Mentoring is for women 20 years or older. This one-to-one mentoring program matches women mentors with girls (ages 7-15). Big and Little Sisters choose when, where and what they do to build a bond based on shared interests and experiences. Visits are weekly and last three to four hours; after you have been together for 3 months more
Location: Boston, MA 02115
Become a Big Sister today! We have 500 girls waiting in Greater Boston, one is waiting for YOU! When was the last time you jumped rope? Shared a secret? Giggled with a girlfriend? By becoming a Big Sister, you get to experience the fun and friendship you had when you were young, while making a profound difference in the life of a girl. By becoming a Big Sister, you can be the confidant and friend who more