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Teen Bike Race This Thursday

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Teen Fit-Arlington Amazing Bike Race this Thursday August 7th at Barcroft is looking for assistance.  The race is intended to promote physical activity and teamwork by having teens in groups of 4 ride their bikes from station to station along the bike path where they will have to work as a team to complete 10 different challenges before they reach the finish line at Bon Air Park. 

Below are the stations we are looking for volunteers for.  We are also looking for volunteers to ride their bikes along the course to assist with anyone in need or to lead a team that might need some assistance. 

If you can help out please contact Michael Swisher @ 703-228-4738 or by email at  

The event is from 1 - 5 pm and the following stations will need 1 fun & engaging staff person from 12:30 – 3:30 pm.

Responsibilities will include 
  • getting to and from the station (we’ll get the equipment to you)
  • check in with each group to ensure they are hydrated and riding safely
  • explain to teams of bikers (4/team) how to do the activity
  • time biker groups (up to 8 minutes to complete the task)
  • mark their time on their scorecard and send them on to the next station
  • respond to any and all emergencies.
Challenge Station
Barcroft Picnic Pavilion, volleyball court
Keep it up – teams must bounce a large ball in the air, with all team members making contact with ball 2x.
George Mason Drive (space before going up on G. Mason)
Bean Bag Pirate Ship toss – must get all bean bags through
George Mason Drive (2nd location) (space before going under G. Mason bridge)
Watershed “password” Challenge – groups must get team mates to say different watershed-related vocabulary.
Carlton Parking Lot (the little parking lot by Columbia Pike and FMR Drive)
Nuclear Waster Transfer
Glencarlyn Dog Park (Access from 4th Street)
Keypunch (set up across river, so teams have to cross little bridge)
“Castle Park” (open space in Glencarlyn Park near playground; access from 3rd Street)
Archery or Blowdarts
Bluemont Frisbee Golf Course (access from Carlin Springs Road)
Frisbee Golf toss – must get 3 frisbees into Frisbee ‘hole’
Bluemont Picnic Pavilion (access from Manchester entrance)
TEAM Obstacle Course
Bluemont Big Field (Outfield #2) (access from Manchester entrance)
Fishing Game (from Park Rangers)
Bon Air Pavilion (access from Westover?)
Jurassic Eggs

Sponsored by Department Of Parks & Recreation.

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